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Would you like to be paid $2,800 per week?

Well someone at the village of Buffalo Grove is. Decide for yourself if you think your tax dollars are going to good use at the Village of Buffalo Grove.
As written in the Village News (Jan/Feb 2013) our village President, Jeffrey Braiman, stated "The Village has reduced its work force in an effort to control costs....", so who is getting this whopping paycheck? What about the reduced workforce?

As you can see from the images below, someone called Anne Marie Gaura has been paid in September, October and November in 2012, a generous salary. Residents should question who is this person, why are they on the payroll and why hasn't there been an official announcement or communication about such a high profile member of staff? Is our Village representing itself in a open and fair manner to all the residents?

More to follow on Village business.




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